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FIT: Kapsole comes in full shoe sizes. For half sizes, always order one size up for best fit.

Premier sneaker protection for the true connoisseur.

Made in a lab, not a factory, the Kapsole Original is engineered of our space age polymers to keep your investment safe from dirt, scuffs, water and oxidation damage while never covering up your style.

Custom fits any low or mid-rise sneaker in your collection, is compact, virtually weightless and almost impossible to detect when wearing.

Easily to clean to “glass clear” transparency after each use.

Available in men's and women's sizes and safe for all shoe colors and materials.

Each pair of Originals arrives in our two-toned limited release capsule designed for storing and collecting.

The Original is our most lightweight version and is engineered for dry use only. Although all Kapsoles are waterproof, the Original is designed for slip-resistant traction on all dry surfaces only.

If the Original becomes wet while wearing, wipe dry before walking on smooth surfaces (hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, etc), or remove.

For rain, snow and other wet surfaces we offer the Kapsole All-Terrain.