Kapsole Original is designed to protect from dirt, scuffs, oxidation, and general wear and tear.

The Original is slip-resistant and provides traction on all DRY surfaces.

Although all Kapsoles are waterproof, the Original is not slip resistance on certain slick surfaces such as wood, laminate, tile, marble, etc. and is not advised for use in wet conditions. If Originals become wet always wipe dry or remove before walking onto a slick surface.

For wet surfaces and inclement weather use the Kapsole All-Terrain.


Care Instructions:


Kapsole is designed to be reusable and the number of uses will depend on how often and what conditions they are used in.

Clean your Kapsole’s after each use to preserve quality.

To restore to glass clear transparency, use a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda. Use a soft brush to scrub stains from the bottom if desired. Dr. Bronner's Soap may also be used. Traditional soap will not harm it but will cloud the transparency.

Wipe dry with lint free cloth such as paper towels.

When you get a tear or a hole, that’s when it’s time for a new pair. After each cleaning we like to check for holes/tears.

After each cleaning, fill your Kapsoles with water to check for holes or tears. A hole or tear means it's time for a new pair to protect your kicks properly.


How To Wear:


Unroll Kapsole.

Take care when peeling apart the top edges as they are thinner than the rest and can tear more easily.

Separate all sides and edges so that the product is not sticking to itself. It should look like a boot or a sock when ready to put on.

Roll it down to the toe, like you were putting on a big sock.

Slide it on your sneaker, placing your toe in first.

Pull the rest of the material up the bottom of the shoe.

The Kapsole logo should be placed above your heel when on correctly.

Then adjust the top of your Kapsole, pulling it over the top of your shoe to your ankle.

Adjust fit smoothing out any bumps at the toe, heel and on the bottom of shoe for a seamless fit




When it’s raining, pants that cover the top of ankles are best.

Some sneaker styles allow you to tuck Kapsole in which also helps protect against water getting in through the top in severe weather conditions.

Top edge can also be folded down if desired.